Facial Toning

Like many, in the past, I had bad experiences with conventional toners from western brands. Those astringents toners (usually with alcohol) would irritate my skin and dry me out. So until recently still, the only products I would use as toners were water mists -which I still like a lot. Truth is I always spray thermal water on my skin before applying an actual toner. Using a water mist as the first step of my skincare routine after cleansing allows me to deliver a glass of pure water for my skin to drink, before locking it in with my following products so the water absorbed doesn't evaporate. 

That being said, Korean treatment toners taught me that toners can effectively be a beneficial step to include in a skincare routine. Treatment toners will hydrate the skin (deliver moisture) while also providing potent/soothing/skin-regulating ingredients. Another benefit of toners, like water-mists, is to make the skin damp which facilitates the absorption of serums and other products to be applied afterward. Indeed, wet skin absorbs skincare products more efficiently than completely dry skin.

PS: A well-formulated toner will not make your face oily nor irritated.


〉So, should you use a toner? Sure. Look for a treatment toner that can boost your skincare routine with interesting ingredients.

〉Not interested by toners at all? It's fine, but I would advise you to make sure your face is not completely dry before applying your products. For better absorption, but also because moisturizing creams are essentially concealers locking hydration into the skin, so better add some moisture before, right? You can simply splash tap water on your face. You can also use skin soothing thermal or grape water sprays.


〉Products tested and recommended:

Klairs supple preparation facial toner

Klair Supple Preparation Facial Toner (LOVE)

  • Treatment toner: smooths and nourishes skin + helps the skin to regulate its sebum production.
  • Low PH level (around 5.5)

Available @SokoGlam  & @Amazon

Avene thermal spring water spray

Avène Thermal Spring Water

  • A product that I instantly restock when finished.
  • Delivers optimal hydration to skin before applying thicker concealing products.
  • Pure thermal water is rich in minerals and has skin soothing properties. Great for skin redness.

Link to product description @Avenes.com


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