Skincare Layering Guide

I used to think that a complete facial skin care routine consisted in cleansing the skin, maybe toning, rubbing-in a moisturizer and applying an expensive eye cream marketed as "anti-wrinkles", plus light foundation to hide the never-leaving redness of my skin. So when I came across a 10 steps Korean skincare routine guide, I was overwhelmed with completely new notions and information to process. However, I also discovered an exciting vision of skincare, treated as a scientific discipline in itself. An ever-evolving world of possibilities characterized by clinical studies,  new or established active ingredients, product testing, and debates. I followed my interest, tried to learn more. I never stopped learning and testing since. To my great surprise, my multi-step skincare routine quickly became a ritual I wouldn't skip. Appeasing moments of self-care & wellbeing. Today, this is my new normal.

I really hope to offer you empowering information by sharing what I know about the best practices of skin care. I want to reunite on this website all the information you need to make the right choices. Make good skincare easy.

So here is a classic skincare routine structure. Check out my webpages to learn more about each of the individual steps mentioned below.

The general concept to remember is that you should start by applying the most watery/light product to end with the thickest/oiliest product.

  • PS: This is just a general a sequence of steps, so you understand in what order you should be applying different types of products. Your skincare routine doesn't need to include all of these steps every day (or any day). But if you do layer multiple skincare products, here's how to sequence them.

 Morning Facial Skincare Routine 


1. Cleanse face with a low pH cleanser and cold water

2. Apply water mist and/or low pH toner

3. Apply chemical exfoliant (AHA/BHA)  or Vitamin C serum

(Wait for skin to absorb products: 10 min wait for chemical exfoliant or 15 min wait for vitamin C)

4. Apply Essence 

5. Apply Serum

6. Apply moisturizer, if needed

7. Apply lotion with full UVA/UVB protection (minimum of 30 SPF)

(8. Apply makeup)

Evening  Facial Skincare Routine


1. Remove sunscreen and/or makeup by using an oil cleanser on dry face

2. Cleanse face with a low pH cleanser and luke-warm to cold water

3. Apply water mist and/or low pH toner

4. Apply chemical exfoliant (AHA/BHA) or Retinol (vit. A) and/or vitamin C

(Wait for skin to absorb products: 10 min wait for chemical exfoliant or 15 min wait for vit. C)

5. Apply Essence

6. Apply serum

7. Apply moisturizer, and/or (8)

8. Apply sleeping mask (rich night time moisturizer) or mix in facial oil with your moisturizing cream before bed for extra skin repair overnight.

Applying vitamin C: Be sure to wait at least 15 to 20 min after applying your Vit C serum before mixing in other products with higher pH level. Vit C only works in a low PH environment (under 4) while most other products have a higher pH level. The waiting time for chemical exfoliants and Vit. C also allows your skin to fully absorb these particular products, making the layering of the following steps easier.

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